Hero of Many is a legendary adventure of a small embryo-like hero in a dangerous undersea land. Your character leads and relies on surrounding sporos-like soldiers to get through treacherous environments, discover power-ups, avoid and combat devious abounding baddies. A totally one-of-a-kind game that’s symphony orchestrated- this is a must play game so hurry and review this review and install it now!

Price: Sale $1.99, Typically $3.99

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Totally unique gaming experience!
  • Beautiful graphics!
  • Highly immersive gameplay of survival, building, approach, control, reasoning, and fights!
  • Epic musical arrangement orchestrated from a marvelous symphony!


Hero of Numerous is a brand-new and unusual type of gaming. It’s an experience! The only thing that comes close is the genius Eufloria HD.

Hero of Many - Epic Battle

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Hero of Many – Epic Battle

There’s no words to discuss what’s going on, be you feel precisely what the obstacle is at hand. The game starts with a legion border a lone orb and get ambushed by a nasty set of sentries. They obliterate your soldiers, the good news is your embryos character makes it through the barrage- falls into an abyss and losses all commanding powers. It’s dark … it’s unsafe … you are powerless … however you press on and discover cavernous terrain till you stumble upon an additional orb of energy. As you seek you find one of your fallen spore-like buddies. Hooray! He surrounds, follows and shields you. As you go on you discover more energy and buddies (idea: energy is needed before getting friends), however also discover those enemies and you need to choose to sneak around unnoticed or fight! Tip: if your soldiers out number baddies you can battle them and succeed.

Some barriers like vines & boulders can be pushed out of the way if you are strong enough (bewaren’t to loose your group at the same time), avoid spikeys and other huge animals. Quickly you’ll find huge crystals that stand for checkpoints to go back to in case you perish. The longer you play you’ll find power-ups. The objective is to endure as long as you can wading through a massive underwater maze to reach the portal to the next level. There are presently 26 levels amongst 4 worlds. Contolling movement is very basic, simply utilize your finger to direct your swarm where you want to go.

Fun Factor & Addictive:

Hero of Many is deeply immersive and draws you immediately from the first few seconds and play. It’s highly addictive, by the time you look up numerous minutes have actually gone past as it’s a strategy action game and reasoning puzzler all ingeniously wrapped in one.


Graphics are absolutely spectacular! The screenshots above doesn’t do the game much justice, you’ve to play to comprehend or view the video of games. Although its appearances 2D it’s a special noir 3D spectacle. As you advance worlds you acquire more color.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

Previously raved about, the sound impacts of the creatures and memorizing background score is worthy of a smash hit dramatization. It’s simply that good and completes the gaming experience.