Early view: Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Alpha vs S5: design, screen, power and price

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha mightn’t share the ‘S 5’ moniker of the Oriental firm’s flagship smartphone, but this brand-new ‘premium’ gadget certainly has several similarities to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

It’s reasonable to say that the 2 handsets are aimed at slightly different markets, with the Galaxy S5 one of the leading all-singing, all-dancing Android smartphones on the market, while the Galaxy Alpha’s method looks to be more polished, targeted specifically at the upcoming iPhone 6.

The difficult thing is, it now looks like Samsung has 2 top-end handsets – so which should you pick? Read on to learn.


One of the biggest distinctions between the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy S5 is in the screen department.

Early reports pegged the Galaxy Alpha as possibly having a QHD screen, something to challenge the LG G3, however instead it’s gone the other way and arrives with a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED display boasting an average 1280 x 720 resolution.

That does not rather compare to the 5.1-inch full HD Super AMOLED panel on the Galaxy S5, which can boast a pixel density of 432ppi to the Alpha’s 313ppi.

With both handset sporting the Super AMOLED tech you can expect colors to be vibrant on both, but the Galaxy S5 wins here.

Samsung Galaxy S5


With a smaller sized 4.7-inch screen it’s no surprise the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the smaller sized of the 2 handsets at 132.4 x 65.5 x 6.7 mm – and that depth measurement is the really excellent figure here. The Alpha is extremely slim.

In comparison the Galaxy S5 looks distinctly portly at 142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm, but in reality it is not really too self-important, although the Alpha will fit more well into your palm.

The Alpha also trumps the Galaxy S5 when it comes to weight – 115g to 145g – despite the fact that the Galaxy Alpha has a metal frame and the S5 sports a plastic body.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Although the Alpha boasts a metal frame it still has a layer of soft touch polycarbonate on its rear, matching the dimpled impact on the back of the Galaxy S5 – which has, rather unfortunately, been as compared to a sticking plaster in its appearance.

Both the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy S5 have heart rate screens on the back, and a finger print scanner concealed under the house key on the front, however only the S5 is dust and water resistant.


There’s currently no word on how much the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will cost, but some reports suggest it could well be around the same price as the Galaxy S5.

That’d place the Alpha right a the top of the smartphone market, where it’ll be beat in lots of departments by the array of flagship Android handsets presently available. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a somewhat less costly price tag.

Samsung Galaxy S5


There’s no scarcity of power inside either of the handsets, with the Galaxy S5 packing a 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM.

Meanwhile on the Galaxy Alpha you’ll likewise find 2GB of RAM inside 2 different variations – among which houses an octa-core (quad-core 1.8 GHz & quad-core 1.3 GHz) processor and the other a 2.5 GHz quad-core chip.

We reckon that the likes of Europe and North American are most likely to see the quad-core design, while the octa-core variation is most likely predestined for Asia.

Alpha vs S5: Electronic camera, battery, connectivity


The Samsung Galaxy S5 simply comes out on top in the cam department with a 16MP rear snapper trumping the 12MP offering on the back of the Galaxy Alpha.

Both handsets sport 2.1 MP front dealing with cameras, making video calls possible, while the rear lens can also capture UHD 4K video.

In practice both handsets should’ve the ability to produce decent shots and there are a lot of tricks and features readily available to you including HDR, Dual Camera, Beauty Face, Selective Focus and Panorama modes.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha


You get a detachable 2800mAh battery inside the Samsung Galaxy S5, which we’ve actually discovered can last more than a day on a single charge with moderate use.

The Galaxy Alpha is not rather so well geared up in this department, having to settle for a 1830mAh power pack – although you are not going to get a 6.7 mm frame with a massive battery inside.

The excellent news for the Alpha is that its 4.7-inch, lower resolution display will be less power starving than the 5.1-inch full HD offering on the S5. That hopefully implies it will still be able to produce decent battery life efficiency.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Both handsets include Samsung’s new Ultra Power Conserving Mode as part of the current TouchWiz UI on Android KitKat, allowing you to eke out every last drop of power before your phone entirely gives up the ghost.

We found this mode performed well during our Galaxy S5 review, so we’ve high hopes of comparable efficiency on the Galaxy Alpha.


As constantly with Samsung smartphones there’s a whole host of connection alternatives on both handsets – however there’s also one huge difference.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha does not included a microSD slot, sticking you with the 32GB of internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Meanwhile you do get a microSD slot on the Galaxy S5 enabling you to develop on the 16GB or 32GB of internal storage with a memory card approximately 128GB in size.

This offers you much higher scope when it concerns photography, video recording, music, video gaming and movie playback on the Galaxy S5 compared with the Galaxy Alpha.

One place where the Galaxy Alpha does triumph is its support for FELINE 6 LTE, which can deliver 4G accelerate to 300Mbps to the handset – although many networks aren’t yet established for this.

The Galaxy S5 is also 4G enabled, however just to FELINE 4 (which offers maximum speeds of 150Mpbs).

Both handsets feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC and a microUSB port on their base.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Quick verdict

Unless you are desperate for a smaller form element and a metal frame from your Samsung smartphone, there’s little need to choose the Galaxy Alpha over the Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S5 provides a much better screen, a more powerful video camera and expandable storage for what looks readied to be pretty much the very same cost.

Of course the Galaxy Alpha ought to look and feel a bit more superior, but the screen sounds a little disappointing.