If you’ve actually played Bioware’s Dragon Age series and are impatiently awaiting the next installment, Dragon Age Inquisition, EA has actually announced a mobile spin-off game dedicated to its fans. Heroes of Dragon Age will be a squad-based battle game where players will be able to produce a team of their preferred Dragon Age heroes and monsters to complete quests and/or fight it out against various other groups.

According to the press launch, the game is being established as a complimentary to play title. It appears like EA is accustomeding this as a second possibility after their failed Facebook game, Dragon Age Legends, was taken down in 2012, and changed into a free of cost downloadable single-player game.

Heroes of Dragon Age

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No concrete launch date has been provided at this time, but EA mentioned that it might seem like early as this fall on Android and iOS. We will make sure to keep you upgraded with more details in the coming weeks, as the game gets further into development.