Scrolling through Android information for the day, I came across a fascinating task by TinkerHouse Games called Dwarven Delve. From the individuals that brought you Penny Arcade’s On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness, Dwarven Delve intends to be the world’s first activity puzzle dungeon crawler where the player not just manages the characters, but also the layout of the dungeon.

From what’s revealed on the Kickstarter page (, dungeons are set out in hexagonal tiles and each tile can be turned to develop various paths to various areas of the dungeon, or to reroute the enemies to stay clear of fighting them. It certainly is an intriguing idea as it eliminates the linearity of timeless dungeon crawling.

Dwarven Delve Aims to be the First Action Puzzle Dungeon Crawler

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The game revolves around a lot of dwarven delvers who mistakenly finds a lost tomb that leads them to unearth the start of their family tree, menstruation that was inflicted upon them, and the best ways to end it. There are 6 different characters in the game, each with its own backstory, special abilities and trademark gear. Currently, the game likewise includes an expansive underground world that’ll be the home of a variety of very various environments.

Dwarven Delve is now nearing the end of its pre-production stage and is looking to release on Android tablets in December 2013. The rate of the game is planned to be set at $4.99 on all platforms. Check out the trailer below and see if this interests you. If it does, feel free to back them on their Kickstarter page prior to Aug 29. At this time, they’ve only received a tiny fraction of their target of $60,000. For $5 or more (which is the organized price anyhow), you get a copy of the game when it launches. For higher backers, you get various other unique, digital and physical incentives.