Game Understanding, a world leader in mobile and social games, has actually announced the release of new variations of the popular enormously multiplayer online (MMO) game Dragon Eternity on new mobile/social platforms.

Starting today, the game is now readily available for Android, iPhone and Facebook, permitting gamers to start an amazing adventure on these platforms with even more than 5 million gamers around the world. (Formerly, Dragon Eternity was launched for iPad and web browser.)

Dragon Eternity’s great world of Adan awaits brand-new and returning players. In the game, players can join either the Vaalor or Sadar factions and walk both the course of the warrior, along with the course of relaxed artisan to craft mighty weapons and armor, brew magic potions, and more.


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The game provides a tough journey for brave adventurers who prepare do battle by land or by sea with ferocious beasts that wield disruptive magic and charge into the fray with mighty dragons at their side.

The game likewise provides a broad range of head-to-head, player-versus-player (PvP) modes, numerous collections of uncommon products and benefits to unlock, many ways for gamers to develop their characters, and advanced social functions, such as an elaborate clan system to assist like-minded travelers discover comrades-in-arms.

Dragon Eternity is a free-to-play, cross-platform enormously multiplayer online parlor game that’s playable at the same time across Android, iOS and HTML5 Internet platforms.