Dragon & Shoemaker - play this addictive 3D side-scrolling adventure game!

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Dragon & Shoemaker is a 3D side-scrolling experience game based on popular Polish legends about Shoemaker and the evil Dragon. Run, jump, roll, celebration and dash up and far from lots of challenges, wild animals and mythical animals throughout various worlds gathering products and reaching completion of the level. Are you up for this addicting endless runner difficulty?

Price: $0.99, optional In-app Purchases

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Very interesting and addictive limitless platform run & jump game!
  • Many tough levels and 3D worlds!
  • Accumulate items and indicate buy in-game power-ups!


  • Singular background music can become repetitive.


Dragon & Shoemaker is based upon old Cracow legends. You play our courageous protagonist, the Shoemaker, as he sprints to the end of the level, collecting sheep, coins, blue diamonds and even more. Along the method you’re greeted by wild animals (from wolves to bears, scare crows to dragons, huge spiders as well as spaceships) that you either jump over, attack with your stick, or roll under to outwit them. You likewise sidestep spike pits, water and pitchforked carts. It’s a game of cunning skill, memory and timing. If you die it begins instantly from the beginning like Rayman Jungle Run, however there’s an exception if you’ve potion points and have actually reached a checkpoint, then you’ll return to there however be deducted a point each time.

As you proceed within the game you make power-ups like shoes that help you double jump or hats for spinning. Additionally you can make or purchase with real cash more items like sticks that bash obstacle carts, shoes that assist you run quicker or hats that illuminate caverns. The adventure leads you with five worlds, Meadow, Town, City, Castle and Dragon Cavern … each with ten levels. To also must’ve enough currency to buy into the level- so there’s lots of addicting enjoyable to be had. It becomes quite the difficulty to gather all sheep and beat a level unharmed.

Fun Factor & Addictive:

Dragon & Shoemaker is quite the fun and an extremely addicting title. It get recurring in a great way however. As you immediately reboot the running adventure if the hero gets gotten rid of. Thus memory muscle kicks in to help you beat the course. It pushes you to first shot to beat the level, then some levels you may decide to repeat in order to collect all sheep and various other levels (like level 9 of the Village) are more fun because you can follow the sign hint– double jump to the tree branch to delve into the clouds getting at the spaceship … bash it and it will launch tons of coins and diamonds!


The game is a 3D affair in a fairy tale style. There’s a lot of animated background parallax landscapes if you can catch a look amidst all the action.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

There’s a folk medieval piper’s ditty that plays in the background- fitting for the game, nonetheless, the lone track can become stale and repeated after a while. Various other characters don’t emit sound impacts.