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The color enticed you. The spirited plastic called out to you. And that cover, with silly little circular cutouts had your name all over it.

Thirty dollars later on, you are feeling a little silly after recognizing that this case is Apple’s first big design defect given that the Apple TELEVISION remote. But don’t be embarrassed, all of us make mistakes.

Luckily, a new app called CaseCollage is here to conserve the day for those people who thoughtlessly bought Apple’s case along with a new iPhone 5c.

The app, introduced from a business called LunarLincoln, lets you pull in images from your social feeds like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Picasa to fill in the holes with something a bit less unsightly and a bit more personal.

You can arrange the photos nevertheless you ‘d like, or add in preset images or text from a collection offered within the app. Hell, if you like the color scheme however hate that troublesome text looking out of the holes, you can just choose to get color(s) to fill out your Crocs case holes.

After organizing the icons to your pleasing, you can print out the customized design, cut it down, and lay it between your new iPhone 5c and exactly what you vouch is the last bad choice you’ll make (about a phone case, at least).

Pretty sweet deal, no?

Interested celebrations can look into the app right here.