“Where’s My Water? 2″, the sequel of Disney’s most addicting physics-based puzzler is now available for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones over at the Windows Phone Shop.

The game functions brand brand-new locations consisting of the Sewer, the Soap Manufacturing facility, the Beach. Best of all, the puzzles are all free of cost! Cut with dirt, and guide fresh water, purple water, and steam to help Swampy and his pals!


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Key Features:

  • Play 100+ levels and challenges with a brand name new look in the Gator universe showcasing Swampy, Allie, Cranky, and Mystery Duck!
  • Introducing ‘Challenge Modes’ to replay the levels in explosive new ways!
  • Dig as quickly as you can and get as many duckies as possible in ‘Duck Rush’ levels!
  • ‘Tri-ducking’ is now quicker, much better and more enjoyable with boosts, such as Vacuum, Dropper, and Absorber! Small costs could be required for these additional boosts.
  • Experience enjoyable mechanics that are distinctively developed for each character!
  • Complete achievements and make special themed duckies such as gladiator-duckie, astronaut-duckie, hula-duckie, and many even more!
  • Stuck on a level? Use hints to help you resolve the puzzles!

Where’s My Water? 2 – Official Game Trailer:

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