Get ready to be blown away by the aesthetically breathtaking art work of the new concealed object game by Micro Macro Games, Morphopolis. The game has not even been released yet, and it’s actually already succeeded awards for its design and artwork. Fans of the genre would understand that it prevails for concealed object games to have actually extremely detailed graphics, however none has actually been this visually promoting. The screenshots alone can offer in art galleries all over the world for a hefty rate.

In development since July 2012, Morphopolis is influenced by the similarity Machinarium and The Tiny Bang Story, each with its own distinct art style. In the game, you play as an aphid grub in an adventure to save your friend. Suffice to state, this will include more point-and-click adventure than merely searching for concealed things. If the trailer is anything to pass, there will even be tough puzzles to address along the method. I personally would not mind taking a look at the vibrant rich paintings for a little while longer.

This will hang nicely on my living room wall

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This will hang well on my living room wall

The game is set to launch in Q4 2013, but you can sign up at their website to test their Alpha build for $19.99, or merely pre-order for $9.99 to get 4 variations of the game: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Android (signing up for their Alpha also includes pre-order of the 4 variations). It’ll be launched in practically every platform known to man, including Kindle Fire.