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Dick Costolo pointered down as Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer recently, as well as since after that theories about which will certainly lead Twitter next have flown throughout the Internet.

Costolo, on stage at the Bloomberg Tech conference, still didn’t have a great answer concerning that would be running Twitter following– as well as highlighted that there is an active look for a brand-new Chief Executive Officer. He announced he would be stepping down as Chief Executive Officer of Twitter last week as the business started a new CEO search, with founder Jack Dorsey ending up being the interim CEO. Costolo will continue to be on the board of directors.

In a concern about skepticism concerning the search– concerning whether it’s a real search or otherwise– Penis responded by saying the board was “legitimately doing a search, there’s a certain search committee on the board, additionally entailing 2 of our greatest investors.”

Still, there have been whisperings that some are requireding Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and interim Chief Executive Officer, can take the role full-time. He basically developed the product, drove the redesigns, as well as while he is the CEO at Square he’s proactively entailed in Twitter’s activities as a board participant. When inquired about whether Dorsey might be the following CEO, Costolo– on point while on phase as common– did not have a direct yes or no to the question.

“Jack is certainly the innovator and co-founder, equally as essential and much more notably he has this fluency in the way he thinks of the item as well as its potential that’s practically exceptional,” he said. “We have supper every Tuesday evening where we think of the item. Jack has actually said this himself, this is about stepping right into this duty and also allowing the board do its work, as well as provide the area as well as time to do its work. He has this clarity of thinking of the item that doesn’t bring with it this conceptual baggage.”

So, not truly an of course or a no, yet that’s rather an endorsement for Dorsey’s capacities as an item dreamer for Twitter. Costolo claimed he started the process around completion of in 2014. It went to the June shareholder meeting chose ways to tackle executing the Chief Executive Officer search, which the board chose to go concerning publicly.

“It was a three-hour conversation where we made a decision that we wish to have the ability to do a complete search for the ideal next leader, and also if we try to do that behind closed doors it’ll be out there and it’ll be a lot of rubbish and an interruption for the company,” Costolo stated. “We determined, if we’re gon na do it outdoors, we ought to bring Jack [Dorsey] in as interim, because if we really did not, we believed it would certainly be ridiculous– and I agreed with that.”

Two other names that have actually been tossed out as prospective candidates are CFO Anthony Noto as well as head of revenue Adam Bain. Costolo, as well, had enjoyable things to claim regarding them, and also Noto in particular stated he “did not generate to be an accounting professional.” Bain, meanwhile, was described as one of one of the most energetic people he had actually met– for example, he stayed up all evening preparing a meeting while Costolo sat at an occasion in Chicago.

“I’ve obtained that management across the board,” he said. “One of the factors that now would certainly be okay to do this is we’re so confident in the team. Kevin [Weil] is at product, there are 6 or so patient that have actually been at Twitter longer compared to me, he’s one. Alex Roetter is leading up design. The CEO needs to have the leeway to do exactly what they have to do. That technique is in area, the group is in area, and also till further notification we’re gon na continue down that course.”

Over and over, he raised Periscope as one of Twitter’s large success stories. Twitter acquired Periscope in March this year and also it has actually swiftly turneded into one of its fastest-growing properties. “Things that is essential as Chief Executive Officer, is to put the best system together,” he claimed. “You create a natural opening and you function backwards.”

“There’s this comics idea of what [an excellent CEO is] like,” he claimed. “The fact is you have to be on your own, there are many methods to be effective. great leaders are both resilient and also bold, especially when faced with external, ‘why are you doing this, why are you doing that,’ and they’re self-aware.”

Costolo, like several Chief executive officers en route out, said he would be taking some time off– though, standup comedy is probably not in the future: “I don’t assume it would certainly be a wise relocate to return to standup comedy.

“I can be heckled in real-time in the world.