Delta V sounds like a Japanese “anime” name for a brand-new program “whereas 5 system’s type into one giant robot” like Voltes V or 5 robot lions to form the magnificent Voltron”. You aren’t regulating any lions, or even a magnificent robotic, that’s far from it gamers, Delta V is a racing game, and it’s a respectable looking racing game.

Now when you first review the title display you’ll probably see that it may be like Sony’s “Wipeout” on how it’s the futuristic style and futuristic looking cars, however so did F-Zero for the SNES, however mind you gamers, while appearances can be tricking Delta V racing isn’t Wipeout. Delta V racing does have some element of the SNES’ “F-Zero”, and not to mention Super Mario Kart terms as picking up power-ups. And instead of the now typically utilized 3D view, this racing game has a 2D view. Though you might think that 2D is old and obsolete, the good individuals at “SPACEHOPPER STUDIOS” did a nice job at making it work actually well.

This being a racer game it’s your objective to obtain your ship to the goal initially. And you’ll need to race down the track with various other racers, while preventing clashing into walls. Of course there are boost pads to assist get the lead, and if you happen to lose it, there are different weapons such as missiles, gatling gun, lasers, and mines,. to assist you take down the other racers so you can return that first place lead. And all the weapons can be easily triggered with simply a basic tap of your finger.

You’ve 4 competitions, The Novice challenge, Amateur, Semi-Pro, and Pro each of the 4 tournament have 9 levels. They’ll have the basic races, time attacks, and boss fights. The one the really got my attention was the “Sectors” challenge. Your goal in this obstacle is, you need to race down the track for a long as possible without hitting the walls. Easy as it may appear, it’s actually quite tough. The trick to doing well in this challenge is to slowly take your time preventing the boost pads and walls entirely while trying to experience the deceleration pads. To open the other tournaments like Amateur, Semi-Pro, and Pro you’ll should’ve a certain amount of points by succeeding medals, each medal has points, gold has 3 points, silver has 2, and bronze has 1. You can replay a level till you’ve actually achieved the gold.


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Since the game has a 2D view, the controlling of the ship is just an area of sliding your finger up and down to stay clear of walls, to undergo boost pads, and to get power ups. The tracks themselves look like long corridors, with back premises that kind of look like they were pulled from the movie Tron, or from NES games like “Gradius”, and “Mega Guy”. The game also has little heart-pumping club music and cool robotic sound results as you’re getting power-ups.

I love how Delta V racing is incorporated well with Google Play Game Solutions achievements and leaderboards, so that you can see and keep track of how you’re doing with your buddies and with others. And I’d have liked if the game had more ships to choose from and having the ability to upgrade your ship would’ve been a nice addition too.

Delta V racing has the aspect of what other racers had in the past “great ole fun”. There are 36 occasions to keep you hooked on for a while. But I still would’ve liked to have upgradeable ships. Having the 2D view advises me of some Atari racer games that I made use of to play. This is still an enjoyable game to play, with simply the use of your finger. Delta V racing is $0.99 at the Google play shop, so download this game to your Android device today. Pleased Gaming Gamers!