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Deeplink. me, the new service from Cellogic making it possible for users to browse through the apps on a smartphone the way you navigate the internet, is today exiting from its beta duration and launching an accompanying retargeting network. The network benefits from Deeplink. me’s understanding of deep linking into apps to identify individuals who’ve a specific app set up on their phone, in order to reveal them personalized ad facilities which redirect them to a particular page within an app.

For background, the Deeplink. me service introduced into beta this May as something of an offshoot of Cellogic’s development of Nextap, a content discovery network for mobile applications. App designers can construct mobile app deeplinks (Deeplink. me links) which can instantly detect where end individuals are originating from (internet or mobile) and afterwards point them to the appropriate resource, whether that’s an internet site, mobile web page, or particular page within an installed mobile application. At the time, the business explained this service as a ‘bit. ly for deep connecting,’ as these shortened Deeplink. me links can be advertised on social media or elsewhere on the web.

Since the preliminary launch, the service has actually been tweaked a bit to much better fit into developers’ operations. Before, designers would’ve to find out their app’s URI was, exactly what the corresponding websites was, then produce an individual connected to point there. Now, things are more rule-based. For instance, a social network’s URL could be domain.com/profile/user123, and the URI is profile://user123. A rule can be established that discusses how those two things are related, so each URL can be immediately equated.

According to Cellogic CEO Itamar Weisbrod, several thousand ‘medium to premium’ app designers have actually registered to use Deeplink. me up until now, and a small handful are currently testing the retargeting capabilities.

The Deeplink. me service and basic analytics are cost-free – similar to other efforts like Quixey’s open initiative with AppURL – however the retargeting service is how Deeplink. me prepares to create revenue.

With this, designers can choose to retarget to any users they want, however Deeplink. me will also help by offering advices based upon what apps people are making use of, when they are using them, and how they are utilizing them, based upon the data it accumulates from its network.

‘Since it’s retargeting, we can take extremely user-specific data and state, ‘return in due to the fact that of reason X,” explains Weisbrod. For example, a regular app individual could be targeted to introduce an e-commerce app in order to take part in a flash sale that was happening or return to their recently abandoned buying cart, while another less routine individual could just be urged to open the app again by means of a voucher or offer of some sort.

Though the system itself is still new and the beta testing team is small, the business says that they’ve actually currently had repeat customers for the retargeting network, and those online marketers are seeing high conversions. Particularly, they have discovered some traction with e-commerce, travel and freemium utility-like apps, in addition to in the payment and wallet area. The retargeting is a per-click, bidded system, and the minimum to truly start is around a couple thousand dollars.

‘Longer term,’ states Noah Klausman, Cellogic’s VP of Company Development, ‘we see an environment where rather of seeing ads for ‘click here to download’ all the time sending you to some app you could or may not have interest in, we see a system that’s effortlessly streaming you through the apps that are currently on your phone.’

That can show valuable to mobile app designers who commonly have a difficult time getting users to open their app after the first set up. Unlike on the web, the only way to see a lot of applications is to download the app and then introduce it. But while download numbers are simpler to come by, specifically because they can be bought and paid for, getting repeat users is much harder. The concept with Deeplink. me’s network is to individualize the advertisements revealed to individuals in order to get them to return to the apps they’ve on their smartphone or iPad, and getting them re-engaged with the service.


App online marketers can start with Deeplink. me’s retargeting networking using a provided 300×50 template or publishing their own creative, and can then monitor their ads efficiency using the offered analytics which reveals numbers of advertisements shown, clicks, geography, and more. (This can also be incorporated with other third-party analytics service providers, too). The ad units themselves will be enhanced in time as well, enable more interactivity, and more customization possibilities with concerns to their look-and-feel.

Those interested in participating in the new retargeting network can learn more or register below on the Deeplink. me website.