Color Zen - experience the game rather than just play a logic game!

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Color Zen is an addicting, peaceful and fun puzzle game. It’s the kind of game you ‘experience’ rather than simply ‘play’ and attributes wonderful music, with smooth graphics that are without a doubt original gameplay. If you are into logic games, enjoying with spacial awareness and abstract colors, this is something you’ll want to check out.

Price: Free plus in-app investments for even more levels

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Neat graphics!
  • Awesome music!
  • Atmospheric gameplay!
  • Fun, relaxing and challenging!


  • Individually priced level sets.


The essential aim of Color Zen is to match colors together, guaranteeing the last color to change to is the exact same one as the frame. This means you need to have an aspect of reasoning to your transfer to make sure this happens. Early levels normally start with couple of colors and possible combinations. As you progress there are colored shapes within other colored shapes and you need to remove these likewise. If you’ve actually played games like Flood It! – the gameplay might well recognize.

Color Zen is an ‘experience’ in lieu of simply a game. You’re prompted to use headsets when you initially fire up the game. Then, the immersive and peaceful music, combined with gentle but addicting gameplay, means it’s a title which sucks you in and cools you out. It develops a remarkable environment which is easy to be taken in by.

Playing the game is wonderfully basic. Fling a shape to an additional of similar color to flood the screen. Keep going till all shapes and colors are gone, aside from the border color, which need to be filled last to finish the level. It’s deliciously basic to play, indicating children and adults alike can quickly get stuck in. Naturally, levels get more complexed as you progress. The cost-free game includes plenty to enjoy, and you can make in app purchases to open more and more. Extra purchases can be made from hints, to assist you along the way. It maybe would’ve been nicer to see an ‘unlock all’ choice which would provide some reduced price, instead of having to unlock each and every set of levels, but this is not really a significant issue.

Fun Factor:

When the gameplay is so awesomely combined with both songs and graphics, the game is unquestionably great deals of enjoyable.


Again the combination of cunning and absorbing gameplay- contributed to rich songs and succulent graphics- produce a highly addictive game that’s difficult to put down, especially if you enjoy puzzle games.


The graphics are 2D but crisp, stunningly animated and very clean. Every little thing is extremely minimalist however at the exact same time rich with nice touches and animation.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The sound is among the game’s best functions. Don some quality ear buds and become soaked up in the enjoyable and fun gameplay. Couple of games provide as stunning a soundtrack.