Color Block Slide Colored Path - how can a game so simple be so fun & addictive? Play and see why!

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Color Block Slide Colored Path (formerly The Colored Path) is an appealing reasoning puzzle where you produce a path through a grid of squares. The colors of the squares alter each time you draw over them and you’re given a design template to match to finish the level. As fiendishly challenging but beautifully simple to play as any good puzzle game, it’s is the kind of game that may quickly contaminate your dreams.

Price: Free

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Plush HD graphics!
  • Nice sound effects!
  • Addictive and difficult gameplay!


  • No music.


The Colored Path is one of those evocative and simple-to-play puzzle games that’s extremely difficult to take down. Including hundreds of levels, a perfectly weighted finding out curve and stunning graphics it may simply be your new puzzle addiction.

The premise is simple, drag your finger around a grid altering the colors of specific squares. Guarantee the pattern you develop matches the template and the level is total. The tasty happiness of the game is that if you go over a square more than when it alters color again, providing each level several combinations.

The puzzles themselves are exceptional. Controls are basic and you can easily pick up the game and just play it, the regulations are that simple. It’s really simple to become immersed in the gameplay and is thoroughly enjoyable if you’ve a rational mind. There are some 220 levels to resolve so this can easily be a game you’re playing for time to come.

I actually like the graphics and the sound effects when playing are likewise excellent. I’d have liked to have had more in the way of options- possibly songs, the ability to turn the sound off or maybe the option to share your rating with pals, it would be a great game to be added to Google Play Games, and be able to compare scores with buddies.

This perceived lack aside, it’s still a fun game and free to download and play. There are ads and the game is partnered with Giftiz, so anticipate some propelling on that front, but neither disrupt the excellent gameplay. If you are a puzzle fan, you’ll most definitely want to give this a go.

Fun Factor:

The game is great deals of fun and finishing each level is gratifying. The finding out curve is perfect, suggesting that before you understand it, lots of levels will have scooted by and you’ll still be engrossed enough to keep playing.


If you are into puzzle and reasoning games, you’ll find this extremely addicting. The solution to each puzzle frequently feels quite easy and occasionally you just ‘see’ the option as you’re playing. This indicates levels can be completed in just a few seconds, great then even if you just have a couple of spare.


The graphics are outstanding and offer HD resolution even on tablets. There’s great deals of color and the choice to readjust the squares to stripes (which will benefit the color blind obviously).

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

There are some nice sound results but not much else. A nice songs ditty- like the one showcased in the video above would’ve been a good completing touch.