It’s actually been 10 years considering that the last installation of the Breath of Fire collection Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter was launched on the Playstation 2 to important recognition. In May 2009, the collection was voted Sixth for the Top 50 The majority of Wanted Sequels by a Japanese publication. Well, fans of the series and JRPG will be delighted to hear that Capcom has actually announced, during the current Network Game Conference, a numbered sequel Breath of Fire VI to appear on mobile devices and COMPUTER, slated to launch in 2014 as an online, touch-based RPG. There’s no confirmation at this time nonetheless that the game will get a Western release.

The Breath of Fire collection has in fact seen a variety of versions on mobile gadgets in Japan, however they were primarily card games, sports game and spin-offs set in the Breath of Fire world. They never ever came close to the quality seen in any of the previous five installations.

Capcom Announces Breath of Fire VI Coming to Mobile

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In June 2010, IGN called Breath of Fire the 4th greatest Capcom franchise of perpetuity behind the likes of Megaman, Resident Evil and Street Fighter respectively, however above Marvel vs Capcom. If you’ve actually played any of the previous installments, like me, you’ll have been excitedly (and gradually) awaiting the arrival of this news and most likely squealing at the thought of it on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Other Android games revealed by Capcom during the conference include:

  • Street Fighter Battle Combination
  • Monster Hunter Big Scouting Quest
  • Street Fighter x All Capcom
  • Frontier of Discovery
  • Codename: Rio

Keep your eyes on this business for more details on the launch of Breath of Fire VI and any Capcom-related Android games in the coming months.