Now this game has been available on the Google play store for awhile, and others may still have it on their Android systems, and other could not. However I make certain that when you do visit the Google play store, you’ll observe that Sweet Crush Legend has actually been primary on the leading grossing list for weeks. So exactly what’s made this game so successful? Let us take a look, keep reading fellow players.

Bejeweled no question has actually been a successful game, then came Candy Crush Saga, I’ve to admit when this game did come out I thought it would be some cheat imitation, and I virtually passed this game up. But I’m so happy that I didn’t, due to the fact that not only is this game enjoyable and addicting, however it’s an excellent option to Bejeweled. And Candy Crush Saga was voted ‘Finest Social Game’ at the International Mobile Gaming Honors. After playing this game I can see why.

Rather than being a fast-paced game, Candy Crush Legend takes the a popular match-three style of game to an additional level. It takes a more strategic technique. A variety of unique game pieces candies, and objectives that surpass merely scoring a lot of points. The game has such addicting gameplay, simple controls, and whimsical, circus-themed animation, it’s extremely challenging not to expand a craving for sweets for this game. Likewise, its clever map view, with all the phases outlined out, truly makes you feel as though you are on an experience. Players will be tasked with objectives such as, to bring specific components down to the bottom of the screen or to clear the jelly covering numerous of the pieces of candy throughout the level. Each stage also offers a various kind of landscape with some including the difficulty of an unpleasant shape which makes it challenging to negotiate.

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The goal of the game is to match different types of sweet that are offered to you on the board. Match to clear them and score points. Very similar to Bejeweled. To play just merely swipe your finger throughout two nearby sweets to switch them, matching 3 sweets of the same kind is the baseline, while matching 4 or even more will make you reward points.

When you first conform will you get a small tutorial, then you’ll play the first few levels, which is like ‘taking sweet from an infant’, then the training wheels come off and the game will start to obtain even more challenging. Since there are special obstacles to levels, making it a lot more interesting and a lot harder. You’ll have challenges such as having actually limited steps, trying to beat the rating, or out-of-the-box goals. Now lets say that, some levels do have actually jelly-covered areas that should be cleared prior to you can proceed, an additional example is others will have components that need to be navigated to the bottom of the screen. And having these challenges and candy pieces actually set Candy Crush Legend apart from various other match-three kind games.

I like having the choice to make use of power-ups, or in this case boosters. They can be truly assist the gamer overcome some obstacles. However that’s my only issue with this game, in order for you to open the various power-ups you need to purchase them with your very own money. And some can cost up to $15.00. And after being the leading game for weeks. I don’t see why they can’t reduce the prices for power-ups


Candy Crush Legend is an enjoyable, tough and addicting game to play, there are over 100 levels to play. I can see why this game is still primary on the leading earning list. This is a freebie at the Google Play Shop. And if you still haven’t attempted this game it truly should’ve a chance to be played. Enjoy and Pleased Gaming Players!