Update: With the mobile Apple Watch 3 readily available you could currently do more than ever before without tethering your Watch to your apple iphone, however even without Apple’s most recent wearable there are lots of phone-free Apple Watch features.

With the feasible exception of the mobile version of the Apple Watch 3, the Apple Watch isn’t designed to replace your iPhone simply. Actually, it relies on it.

Many Apple Watch applications are really simply displays for points operating on your apple iphone, and some key functions aren’t available if you aren’t paired to an iOS device.

For instance, the initial Watch doesn’t have a GENERAL PRACTITIONER receiver, so if your phone isn’t around you can’t track the distance you’ve took a trip beyond measuring steps.

GPS has been included in the Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch 3, yet also they don’t have their own cameras, so while you could use them as a viewfinder for your phone they don’t have the ability to break anything by themselves.

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That doesn’t imply the Apple Watch is a stupid terminal, however. It has its very own cpu, sensing units and on-board storage space, and we’re significantly seeing stacks of ingenious apps as designers are uncovering the possibilities.

Here are the essential points you could do with any type of Apple Watch version, even when there’s no apple iphone for it to talk with – after the initial arrangement on the phone is full that is.

Pay for stuff

Once you’ve established Apple Pay using the Apple Watch app, you’ll be able to utilize the Watch to spend for things in shops.

The application develops an one-of-a-kind token that’s stored on guard to make use of as a card number – permitting you make use of Apple Pay even when you’re far from your phone. To pay, just wave your watch at the Apple Pay-compatible incurable and also let the integrated NFC (near-field communication) radio do its thing.

Get on aircrafts or most likely to the movies

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Apple Budget gets on the Apple Watch, so anything already stored in it – plane boarding passes, electronic tickets and anything else scannable – must work simply great without your iPhone.

Sadly, not all companies have actually accepted this, so we’re still frequently straying around with pockets as well as handbags packed with plastic, however we’re slowly seeing more things go digital.

Listen to music, audiobooks or podcasts


The Watch has its own storage space, a few of which is available for songs – so you can make use of the Watch’s built-in Bluetooth to couple with a set of cordless headphones and also get songs on the move.

Naturally you won’t be able to stream songs from the similarity Spotify or Apple Songs without a web connection, which implies remaining in Wi-Fi array or making use of an Apple Watch 3 cellular model, yet there’s ample interior storage space for a run, a workout or a short commute.

Open doors

One of the smoothest functions we saw at the Apple Watch launch occasion was SPG Keyless, a function that allows Apple Watch users to open Starwood resort rooms without anything as antique as a key.

According to Starwood, the tricks work using Bluetooth Low Power and also are turned up by the iPhone application as press notices the day before you inspect in.

The very same concept could certainly collaborate with any various other kind of Bluetooth-enabled wise lock, so it’s possible we’ll see Apple Watch-compatible locks for your residence, garage or gym locker.

Track your fitness


The Apple Watch doesn’t have to be matched with your phone to monitor your heart price or exercise: it could keep that information and also sync it to the Wellness application when you get back from your run, cycle or journey to the health club. There are additionally various third-party health and fitness applications available, such as Strava.

Control your Apple TV

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Apple’s Remote application has been ported to the Watch, as well as like its iOS brother or sister it allows you to control your Apple TV by means of the magic of cordless radio.

You can likewise use it to regulate iTunes on your computer.

Do watch things

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Hardly a shock, this, however time-related features such as the alarm, stopwatch and timer don’t need a phone to function.

What iPhone-free attributes do you assume we’ll see from app developers? Allow us know in the comments.