Buzz Launcher Beta - eases Android customization, apply others’ Homescreens to your own smartphone

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Buzz Launcher Beta is an advanced homescreen replacement service that offers a lot to fans of customisation. From the extremely configurable widget setups (think UCCW), to the different homescreen themes that can be just and quickly downloaded (similar to Atom Launcher, Go Launcher Ex Lover and MIUI), it’s an app that empowers you to design the look and feel of your Android device. It’s a totally integrated app chock filled with wonderful functions. Read on for even more …

Price: Free

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Loads of quickly swappable themes!
  • Configurable widgets!
  • Busy neighborhood of Android designers!
  • Plenty of bells and whistles!


  • Can take a little getting made use of to. Persist however, the app provides a lot of options.


Launchers are very hard testimonial. First of all, homescreens are extremely personal and what suits a single person won’t suit another. Just have a look at sites like You’ll discover some lovely homescreen designs, however likewise unsightly ones- it’s all about individual taste is not it? Launchers then, particularly those which are a little various and possibly need a bit of tutorial to get your head around, can be awkward to evaluate objectively, especially in a brief space of time.

Buzz Launcher Beta is such an app and, although it does take some modification to get used to, it definitely offers a smart, clean and innovative way of personalizing the look of your device. It’s impossible to cover every attribute of the app, but it certainly has as much to offer as a lot of various other homescreen applications, plus a lot more besides.

If you have ever before used Go Launcher Ex lover or Atom Launcher, you’ll be aware of the in-app store gain access to you get where you can view and download styles. This is very the same as the superb MIUI Rom (and launcher) that is, while possibly uncomfortably iPhone-esque, very cool for fresh-looking designs. Buzz Launcher Beta provides the exact same- a space connected in the app called Home Buzz. Today you can browse and sneak peek a large variety of homescreen options. You’ve to create an account to download these themes, however there are cost-free and consequently easy to set up.

The app caters well for widgets also. It includes a 9 widget pack which lets you delicately set up each widget in a similar way to the dash panel approach made use of in popular modding apps like UCCW. It’s also possible to take existing widget designs and tweak them as you see fit.

This is all in addition to the normal launcher functionality, display transitions, display numbers, faster ways, app draw settings and even more. The app frequently makes your device feel some distance far from vanilla Android so be prepared to experiment and discover. It does take a little practice and, regardless of investing time with the app, I still feel I haven’t found every nook and cranny it needs to offer. Nevertheless, Buzz Launcher Beta is complimentary, so if you are passionate about the look and design of your Android gadgets interface, you’ll absolutely want to give the app an appearance.


For providing your Android a fresh summer make-over, Buzz Launcher Beta is outstanding. It offers a terrific many of the normal functions you’ll be used to plus access to lots of cool themes.

Ease of Use:

The app offers a lot and the possibility making something so different easy to utilize is rather a challenge. Buzz Launcher Beta does take a little expedition, a little experimentation and patience to get utilized to- it’s not a launcher than you can leap straight into and forget. Perhaps there’s the argument that it might be made to be more easy to use but it’s to be stated that it’s still in Beta and, even if it’s difficult to utilize in articles, it provides tons of aid and tutorial both text and video.

Frequently Used:

It’s the kind of application that’d change your normal homescreen established. Therefore, it would be an app you use every time you get your Android device and switch it on.


The user interface is down to you! There’s lots to enjoy about the app- most especially the various themes readily available- which let you totally customise the interface.