Bungee Mummy is an addictive adventure video game to identify overwhelming puzzles to release a bouncy pharaoh personality from misleading burial places. He utilizes his covers to cling onto things as well as spring seasons his means along. Ward off opponents, avoid hazards, collect treasures and locate the means to liberty. Read/watch this video evaluation to see why you’ll be downloading and also playing this title instantly!

Price: Free, Provides in-app purchases

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Addictive time challenge to gather all scarabs and also address cunning puzzles!
  • Really excellent 3D graphics and also sound!
  • Power-ups!
  • Can get a genuine 3D printable rewards!


  • Opinion: I really felt touch reaction could possibly be improved.


In Bungee Mummy you play as the restored pharaoh on a mission to free his folks from wicked leaders, but initially he must address puzzles to run away the burial places of the pyramid of treacherous traps. To assist brighten dark courses as well as offer guidance along the means is his little green floating close friend Madu. In this journey you must gather all gold scarabs scattered about. You have to also race the clock too. You’ll observe the only way for pharaoh to move around is to sling and cling to things with his bandages like the well known comic publication hero. Unlike our web-slinging man he’s more difficult to manage considering that he bounces back like a bungee cable. Touch reaction was my only pain with this game, as I felt they could be enhanced. It takes a number of touches to tap or reduce plasters which can be frustrating. I’m uncertain if this was by style to make it harder or not.

Maneuvering needs you to capture onto suspended pillars, wall surfaces or floors. If you stick onto two frameworks you can draw pharaoh and also slingshot him along or cut when not required. His plasters can be made use of to grab items also- commonly needed as approach to area shuts out on trap door openers. These bungee bandages can likewise be made use of to strike baddies that patrol. There’s trouble around virtually every edge with sentries, spikes, swinging axes, large boulders and end of world employers. Bungee Mummy is a shrewd journey to gather all gadgets, obstruct all obstacles, find out the pyramid labyrinth all while racing the clock.

Lastly, gold scarabs are a type a money used to buy power-ups and also skins. There are many practical upgrades required to survive as the experience toughens. One is super stretch bandages which farther get to, one more is power punch to smack opponents in one smash hit, there’s a magical life rebirth potion to bring him back promptly and also a lot more. The 3D graphics and physics are smooth as well as good- even the sound impacts and songs are extremely suiting.