Time travel has actually never ever been better with Thug in Time. The designers at Desctructamobile have actually done an amazing task in making this game. We were looking forward for Thug in Time to arrive Play Store and as anticipated the game arrived yesterday. Buckle yourself up for some time travel enjoyable.

The story revolves around a thug who goes around conserving the humankind from the ones who once produced the mankind. While his urge to commit criminal offense still survives but for his salvation and even more notably for the salvation of humanity the protagonist turns to the silver lining. To conserve the mankind you need to take a trip with time and gather distinct crystals that’ll fuel a device capable to saving everybody. Though the storyline might apparently look twisted however it’s not. Everything is well described as you proceed.

Buckle Up for Some Time Travel Fun with Thug in Time

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The game offers range of weapons to tackle your opponents, over 35 weapons to select from. You can utilize freeze rays, bullets, laser to behead or burn your enemies. Your function is to time travel 4 period including Viking Age, 1930’s mob ravaged Chicago, Wild West and Moder New york city, consisting of a total amount of 65 phases, and beat all the major and minor employers. Along your quest you’ll discover cluster of powerups and adversaries and all these things have actually been aesthetically created and carried out. The game provides hours of gameplay and some amazing content.

As for the cost, it’s a completely free game so browse through to Google Play and download this amazing time travel shooter as rapidly as possible.