The intense ‘breach and clear’ type game is striking Play Store!

The game has actually been out for iOS since 18th July, and now Weapon Media is publishing the game for Android. The game is certainly about breaching and clearing. It’s a hybrid calculated method game based upon real-life unique operations forces such as the United States Navy SEALs, Canadian JTF2, Army Special Forces, and Army Rangers. The game makes use of real-world weaponry, gear, and methods. You must own every angle to conquer the enemy in Turkey, Afghanistan, and the South China Sea. The game looks wonderful and I can’t await it.

Breach and Clear releasing 5th September

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There’s likewise extra material coming, this consists of new missions around the woodlands and confined compounds of Freiberg, Germany. New snipers, shotgun rushes and heavy armored units. More difficulties will be included for you to handle the Unique Operations Force. There’s also a new game mode, ‘Bomb Defusal’. In Bomb Defusal, you are provided a time limit to discover and defuse bombs whilst an unlimited wave of opponents keep you active.

The game will be out on September 5th, and will cost around $3.99.