If you’re always trying to communicate with your friends and family, and have an iPhone, the Discover My Friends app is perfect for you. It enables you to locate your friends from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, via Google maps.

You can sign in with your Apple ID (the exact same that you make use of for iCloud). If you wish to add a pal you just sent them a request and when they accept it you can see their location. You can likewise simply share your area with a group of friends for a limited time, like if you’re on holiday with a group of pals, and broke up for a few hours. There’s also the option of hiding your place. And if you’re a parent who’s frequently concerned about their children getting to school and back home fine, the app is also best for you. Particularly if you’ve iOS 6 because the app has location-based alerts, so that you can get a notice when your kid is in college or in your home. The app is free, sustains numerous languages and needs iOS 5 or greater and an iCloud account.

Best Way To Find Your Friends and Family On iPhone

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An app that resembles Discover My Friends is Google Latitude. It’s a preferred app, originally only for Android but now likewise offered on every iOS gadget. You can see your pals on a map, send them directions, text, e-mail or call, view your area history and send your location to others. You can also use Google Latitude on your computer if you go to google.com/latitude to see where your buddies are.

With these 2 apps it should be easy for you to discover your pals at any time, and they both have the choice to hide your place, which secures your privacy.