After the retirement of Google Reader on July 1st of this year it didn’t stop. An additional Google Service, Google Latitude is going into retirement on August 9th. Google Latitude is an area conscious app that enables you to track individuals (with their consent), share places and routes and even more. Google is taking Google Latitude off due to the fact that they wish to concentrate more on Google +, which currently sustains area sharing and check-ins, however sadly doesn’t have important features such as navigating a friend’s area or viewing your area history. As off August 9 you won’t have the ability to share your location using Latitude, and your list of pals on the service will be deleted. But don’t despair, due to the fact that there are some terrific (however not as fantastic) options to Google Latitude that you couldn’t understand about. Check out the leading 4 Latitude options below:

1. Glympse

Glympse Best Alternatives To Google Latitude

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This app is one of the most convenient and fastest place conscious services, because you don’t should register or established a pals list. People that you wish to share your area with get a link that allows them to see your area and ETA for the length of time which you make use of, which is fantastic for individuals that such as to live a private life, because when the Glympse timer expires your area is no longer noticeable. You can send out a Glympse by means of email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS and individuals can view it with any internet device.

2. Find My Friends

Find My Friends Best Alternatives To Google Latitude
This app is really similar to Google Latitude, however it’s for iOS. You sign in with your Apple ID (the ID that you make use of for iCloud) and include pals by sending them a request. When they accept it they can see your location and you can see theirs. You can choose to share your location for a restricted time for a team of people, and there’s the choice of concealing your place. If you’ve iOS 6 the app has location-based notifies which can come in convenient if you’re a moms and dad who wants to be informed when their children get to school safely.

3. Foursquare

foursquare Best Alternatives To Google Latitude
Foursquare is a little different than Google Latitude. It’s an initially an app to find brand-new locations to go, such as dining establishments, clubs and bars, and to see where your buddies like to go. When you open the app you get instant ideas for places such as breakfast spots, dining establishments or sights. You can see when your buddies are nearby, see your friends’ reviews as opposed to reviews of overall strangers off the web, take note of your very own location history, like and dislike websites and leave pointers for your buddies and see exactly what your buddies are doing.

4. Life360 Family Locator

Life360 Family Locator Best Alternatives To Google Latitude
This app is wonderful for individuals that are close to their household or like to keep track of what their young kids are doing. You can see your family areas on a personal app (you’ve to be invited prior to you can see it). You’ve the option to select when to share your place (for if you ever get enough of having your household around), get alerts when family members reach their favorite places, and talk one-on-one or with a group. The app can be great for if you want to invest even more time with your household however it can also make you feel more secure, since you can easily take note of where everyone is.

I think that these options work fine, however if none of the do for you, you can also make use of the Google + Android app to share your place with pals, however this app does not have all the exact same features, like tracking your pals and seeing who neighbors.