Been there, done that. Dell rules out return to smartphones

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When the Dell Streak smartphone arrived in 2010, it was viewed as the red-headed stepchild of the Android world. After all, who wants a 5-inch Android phone? Well, rather a bunch of individuals as it ended up.

While the Streak could’ve preceded its time in visualizing a future where smartphone users would clamor for extra display real estate, Dell has no desire re-enter the game, hollering “told you so!”

The CEO of the soon-to-be-privately-owned business bluntly informed CNBC on Friday: “We are not entering the smart phone company. “

He continued: “Every time a new mobile business gets born, they really need servers and infrastructure and storage. Business should shield and secure their data on these mobile systems. “

Bruising battle

Mr Dell’s comments make clear the company has various other strategies to profit from the ever-growing dependence on mobile systems, without taking the financial risk of introducing standalone devices.

Dell is set to regain complete control of the company he founded, following a bruising year-long fight to buy it back from shareholders, for a reported $25 billion.

A stockholder vote today approved the offer meaning, once ratified, Mr Dell will bring out 75 per cent ownership of the computing giant. The private-equity company Silver Lake will likewise have a minority stake.