Ballmer reportedly admits to building 'a few' too many Surface RT tablets

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer supposedly conceded that the company overestimated its Windows RT expectations and made too many of the tablets.

“We constructed a couple of more gadgets than we could offer, ” stated Ballmer at an internal town hall meeting today, according to sources who talked with The Edge.

“A few” might be an understatement considering Microsoft’s disclosure that it had to make an inventory write-down of $900 million (about ₤ 585m, AU$ 971m) due to Surface RT.

Ballmer is said to have confessed that the nearly $1 billion loss was a huge favorite for the business, but one that was needed to offer its Surface RT tablets.

Sour on Windows 8 sales, too

Surface RT hadn’t been the town hall conference’s only whipping boy. Ballmer likewise mentioned his dissatisfaction in Windows sales as a whole, according to the sources.

“We are not selling as numerous Windows devices as we want to, ” he stated, according to the report.

Ballmer was apparently referring to Windows PCs in addition to smartphones and tablets with the company’s os on them.

Ballmer hints at Surface 2?

The townhall conference seems like it was not all problem for Microsoft.

Ballmer is stated to have actually confirmed brand-new devices being tested with incremental improvements, which could of course indicate that the Surface 2 tablet is on its method.

The company is supposed to upgrade its Area Pro tablet with a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor and better battery life.

Then there’s the constant speculation that a Surface mini tablet will sign up with the fray to contend against Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad mini.

When it concerns options for Windows, the report points out that Microsoft is hedging its bets on “back to school” sales and the holidays to relocate more Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 hardware.