As tech nerds, we’re data obsessed. Yes, the team at Techsplurge is constantly out to bring you the best from the world of customer electronics, however behind all the reporting goes a great deal of study and information exchange. We make use of plenty of phones, apps and ROMs daily which lead to us having to backup our gadgets as well as transfer the information to another device. It’s a time taking process which isn’t assisted by Desktop Clients which can be an appropriate pain to perform and utilize.


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This is where Mobogenie has actually been a surprisingly great addition to our list of software applications on our Windows COMPUTER. The device has actually made Android support up simpler and rather straight forward. Though we still have to fall back on the similarity Titanium backup to backup detailed app information on Android, for rest of the things, Mobogenie does see to it that I contend least my message along with contacts and images well backed up in case I wipe my phone off by mistake. Not just this, the tool includes several various other attributes, so lets dive in and look into everything there’s to know about Mobogenie as we try and scale the app and how useful it’s to everyday Android individuals.

What’s Mobogenie Exactly?

Mobogenie is a desktop manager for Android phones which can be set up just on Window devices right now. The tools assists to backup some essential parts of your Android devices such as contacts, messages, photos etc. You can recover the same to your gadget, or merely dump them to your PC to make area on your phone.

Not just this, the application includes attributes to assist you set up ringtones, applications by means of its own playstore, play or download Youtube videos in addition to have access to numerous cost-free wallpapers right from the device which can be straight set up to your phone because the app needs you to have USB Debugging mode on when connecting to Mobogenie.

The tool allows you to likewise include in things like contacts in addition to send messages from the desktop once you’ve your Android phone attached to the software.

What’re the Attributes of MoboGenie?

As an application, Mobogenie offers plenty of things and can be dealt with as one source for contents of your Android device. The application backs up your information, recovers it in an issue of few clicks. So here are some of the salient things you can do with Mobogenie:

Download Free Apps

You can download free apps from Mobogenie and install them on your COMPUTER. For som unusual case if you don’t wish to log into your Google Account, then this is athe finest method to set up apk’s to your device. The applications here are generally games, educational or even easy daily performance kinds.

MoboGenie Review2Although the app collection isn’t substantial, Mobogenie does a very respectable job of offering applications. This is also very helpful for those who don’t have a prepared to go Wi-Fi connection and can not straight download the apps to mobile devices.

Download Ringtones and wallpapers

Who doesn’t like their devices to be customized and bear their trademark all over. This is generally done by your selection of wallpapers in addition to ringtones. Mobogenie does have a huge collection of both ringtones as well as wallpapers on board which can be directly installed on your Android smart phone.

MoboGenie Review8However, one concern that’s extremely pertinent is the resolution of wallpapers that Mobogenie provides. Making use of 1080 P screen devices indicated many of the wallpapers looked pixelated or not effectively placed. Nevertheless, this may be various for each smartphone, but it would’ve been so much easier if things were tailored for every smartphone linked. So, essentially if a 1080 P screen phone is connected only those wallpapers that choose the gadget must show up.

Manage Contacts and Messages

You can also manage contacts along with text on your device making use of Mobogenie. After a while it does get pretty difficult typing long texts on the touchscreens, and in this scenario I discovered the Mobogenie text message desktop client extremely useful.

MoboGenie Review5Even the contact tab helps you to manage, modify, delete or add in contacts, and this is particularly beneficial if you’ve your contacts on the same COMPUTER and merely want to selectively paste details. You can also select the kind of contact such as if it’s Mobile number, residential or even office.

Manage your device Backups

So many times it takes place that we end up losing our phones or mistakenly deleting things from it. Backing up the gadget was simple and fast on Mobogenie. Although backup isn’t as intrusive and comprehensive and in depth as Titanium Backup or some of the other apps, however still, it got the basic things done such as backing up messages, contacts, images and so on

MoboGenie Review6Personally, I was made an impression on with the rate at which the backups happened, and recovering procedure was rather smooth and fast too.

Where does Mobogenie Lack?

MoboGenie Review3Mobogenie for all it’s goodness does have a fair share of drawbacks. A few of the primary ones we discovered are listed below:

  • Mobogenie at the minute is just for Windows, implying if you’re on Linux, Mac or Chrome OS, you’re left stranded.
  • The application is struck and miss when connecting your gadget. It took us several attempts to obtain the app working.
  • The app re-installs the motorists every time I connect a gadget. This simply makes the entire process that much slower and aggravating.
  • It would’ve been so much better if the app also supported backing up various other platformed gadgets such as Windows Phone, iOS in addition to BB and Symbian.
  • There’s no mobile applciation as yet.


If Mobogenie can somehow get rid of some of the small connectivity problems and keeps including on more material to its bank, we make sure the app would be an extremely attractive proposal for a lot of Android individuals. There are issues that continue and they’re pretty fundamental concerns which can be definitely repaired by an update.

MoboGenie Review1For now, the application, although useful isn’t the substitute I’d desire for my extremely high end HTC phone. However, the raw materials and the base is there for Mobogenie to go on and become a really extremely proficient product.