New in store, Avirall is include rich professional grade time keeping devices for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones established by Avirall. The app lets you track your time effectively and properly with a suite of 5 timekeeping devices having tasks and profiles. With launch offer the app is offered “Free” for next two day / routine cost $3.50.

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Avirall is a suite of 5 innovative millisecond exact expert grade time keeping tools. Avirall has Quick Stopwatch, Chronowatch – a sophisticated tool to produce several stopwatches, TaskTimer – a timer production device with ability to add jobs, ActLogger – for activity logging, and ProKeeper – to develop several task earning trackers to track profits v/s time. You can keep numerous timekeepers running produced with these tools for as long as you need them. Timekeepers in Avirall keep running even if you shut your device off totally. You can modify, get rid of, or keep timekeepers on your device. Home center provides you immediate access to recent timekeepers. You can access all your timekeepers through drill-down history summary and manage them on list page.

Some special functions of Avirall are:

  • Activities
  • Profiles
  • Mail sharing
  • Image sharing
  • Pin TaskTimer to Begin display for instant access
  • Completely abides by existing device theme
  • Modern design and experience
  • Every timekeeper can have several activities
  • Define millisecond precision for individual timekeepers
  • Keep timekeepers running for as long as you need
  • Stop / Pause/Check-out and let them be in your history for reference
  • Running timekeepers adjust with current time area of the device
  • Extensive settings to manage app’s behaviour
  • Multiple (as lots of required) timekeepers of each type
  • Project summaries
  • Project’s current status image for sharing
  • Defined different rates for each activity
  • Image attachments in every timekeeper

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