I finally get a weekend where I can just relax, and do what I do finest play games. And as I was at the Google play store, I encountered this game titled Planet Impacts. Now not only is this game easy to play it’s relaxing also. Please keep reading players.

When I first played this game I thought that I’d be in a ship blasting my firearms and missiles at Asteroids while I was securing the earth. I was wrong. In Planet Impacts you’re the Planet … okay well you get to manage the Asteroids.

When you initially conform you’ll have a circle that stands for a world. And your job is to strike the planet with the Asteroids, till there’s just the worlds core, damage it and you’ll advance to the next level. To damage planets you merely swipe your finger throughout the screen, then you’ll see the Planet hit the world. Now you only have actually limited shots (Asteroids) to destroy the earth(s) so make them count. Sure sounds simple enough till you advance to the greater levels, and from there things only get tougher and believe me they do.


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The first couple of levels you’ll have to damage one or two worlds then it’ll go from 3 to four some will be big and various other will be small. And at times you’ll get three worlds that are within a blue screen. The display serves as a shield. Having the shield will limit you on how far you can move your finger across the display. And having this challenge truly make the levels challenging. There are about 40 plus levels in the game, and there are more to come.

The game graphics are unique, and have cool space theme style to them. It almost appears like you’re playing Tron in area. Controls are instinctive, cutting-edge and physics-based game. The audio is wonderful and the sound effects of the worlds blowing up sound cool too.

Overall Planet Impacts is a game that revives the physics-game genre. It’s basic controls, and the game is enjoyable and addicting to play. And it good to handle the side of the Planet’s side for once. This game is free at the Google play retail store. Pleased Games Gamers