We know that pirates are better than ninjas and we’re about to be shown that for a reality with Age of Pirates, a brand brand-new pirate-themed RPG from Cory Trese. Get ready for an insane level of depth in the game and lots of possible things to do in this great Android title!

This high seas adventure RPG provides you the possibility to get in the dynamic and interesting world of Laanbrakar and its mix of age of sail technology, powerful land magics, and industrial transformation. As the master and leader of your cruising ship, you’re challenged with navigating the tricky political waters in between nations on edge, handling sorcerers when you’ve to and trading, bounty hunting or plundering to earn a profit.

Ar! Age of Pirates Sails Onto Android

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Keep your ship bristling with weapons and your staff well-fed. Age of Pirates provides both a rich set of story driven characters in addition to limitless replay value in its sandbox mode, enabling you take any path you select as a captain of a cruising ship. Your actions influence the world around you as you grind adversary ports into dust with bombardments or end resources scarcities with trade, bringing cities back into prosperity.

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