Apple scores US import ban on some Samsung devices, but victory is relative

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The U.S. International Trade Commission today ruled that certain Samsung products went against 2 Apple patents, thus limiting Samsung from importing the infringing devices into the nation.

However, the ITC did not discover offenses based upon 4 other Apple patents.

The ITC’s ruling (PDF) doesn’t utilize a list of all products at stake, though the violations want to encompass a broad variety of Samsung phones, media players and tablets. Apple, the ITC wrote, fell short to show the Transform SPH-M920, Galaxy Tab 7.0 and Galaxy S2 infringed on an Apple patent taking care of audio jack I/O circuitry.

The Samsung Continuum is also detailed in the ruling.

What goes around…

While Apple is basking in the partial success, stating in a statement got by AllThingsD that the ITC is signing up with other courts “by standing up for development and rejecting Samsung’s blatant copying of Apple’s items, ” it’s not a sealed deal.

Samsung can remain to import and sell angering gadgets in the U.S. during a 60-day duration of presidential review. It does need to post a bond amounting to 1.25 percent of the “entire value,” though it’s unclear where the value comes from.

A Samsung spokesperson stated that Samsung is dissatisfied with the ruling, the company is pleased “Apple has been stopped from attempting to utilize its overbroad design patents to attain a monopoly on rectangles and rounded edges. “

The spokesman stated Samsung has “already taken measures” to guarantee its items will be available for UNITED STATE customers.

Last weekend, the Obama administration vetoed an ITC import ban of older, AT&T-supported Apple items, such as the iPhone 4. It was the first presidential “disapproval” of an ITC order since 1987.

The South Oriental government provided a statement on Monday noting its concern over the Apple ban turnaround, stating it hoped for a “fair and reasonable decision” regarding the ruling having an effect on Samsung.