Solunar – Fishing and Hunting TM— There are many Android apps which you’ve to install it on your own Android gadget. One of them is Solunar – Fishing and Hunting TM that recently updated to newest variation. Solunar – Fishing and Searching TM oftens be downloaded from Android Market which the link can be discovered on this page. Meanwhile, below is detail of the application.

Solunar - Fishing and Hunting TM

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Features of Solunar – Fishing and Scouting TM for Android

There are lots of features which you can discover in Solunar – Fishing and Searching TM. This is complete features from the app, including brand-new features in Solunar – Fishing and Hunting TM

Solunar Table identifies the Best Searching and Fishing Times for any date, any place worldwide.
If you like bird viewing, searching, or fishing, have this app handy and it’ll offer you with the location-specific info that make your next journey a success!
. Times apply to ALL wildlife and fish
. Location: Car GPS / Guide Entry data (decimar and DMS format) / Select from map
. Major and Minor Feeding / Task Periods
. Task Index for the day rating
. Moon increase / Moon set / Moon Transit times
.Moon Phase info / Data
. Sunup / Sundown / Sun Transit times
.Day / Weekly view
. Date option for examining solunar data in advance
.Any Date / Location
. Widget: Solunar on your home screen
. Weather condition and forecast (United States)

Based on the original solunar theory, Solunar figures out the peak feeding and task times for all kinds of fish and wildlife based on the moon position and lunar phase. With Solunar app, you’ll have all the solunar table details you should know precisely when the best fishing times and finest scouting times will happen for your exact place.

When arranging your next trip, just check ahead to find out the best scouting or fishing times for the date you are thinking about. It does not matter exactly what you seek or where, this unbelievable app will help you maximize your possibilities excellence!

This app is the ideal planning tool for outdoor activities.
Download it to your phone/pad, no added expense.

Add ‘Solunar – Fishing and Hunting TM’ to your house screen:
1. Go to home screen (Press the “House” secret).
2. Choose an empty space.
3. Long press the space or press the “Menu” button then push the “Add” button.
4. Tap the menu item identified “Widgets”.
5. Select ‘Solunar – Fishing and Searching TM’.
Solunar is on your home display!

What’s new in Solunar – Fishing and Searching TM

Added support to area in degree, Minutes, Sec format.

Download Link

Interested to set up Solunar – Fishing and Hunting TM to your Android device? Simply attempt this associated with download Solunar – Fishing and Hunting TM directly into your Android device. You can get Solunar – Fishing and Scouting TM apk too from other sites.

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