If you new with your Android device, probably you may haven’t yet understood this application, Moving Messaging Pro. It’s among the most favored app on Android market. Even, it had actually been downloaded by numerous Android users. The most current variation is Sliding Messaging Pro 5.60. You can download Sliding Messaging Pro 5.60 apk from Android market or download Moving Messaging Pro apk from other sites. Go on reading this report to determine even more details about the application.

Sliding Messaging Pro 5.60

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Features of Sliding Messaging Pro 5.60 for Android

Sliding Messaging Pro includes attractive functions. So, primarily individuals enjoy it. Here’s attribute from the application according to official page from Google Play Store:

Easily manage text messages in a brand-new and up to date format compliant with the Android design guidelines and aesthetically based upon the stock messaging app from Google, with included functions.

– Quickly switch in between discussions by dragging out the moving menu on the left side of the screen.
– Begin a new discussion by moving out the menu on the right side of the screen
– Manage old messages with a single click
– Pick in between 8 different styles or make your own from scratch
– Emoji support
– Quick reply popup
– Multi-window support for Galaxy Note
– Light Flow support

Pro Features:
– Support for sending and seeing picture and group messages
– Share through dialog for sharing content such as internet links, etc
– 6 additional themes
– Choice to choose background images for discussions menu and message list
– Custom text color options
– Custom animations
– Widget
– Lots more being available in the future …

MMS success will depend on your APN setups from your carrier presently, verified working with GSM carriers in the United States, and ought to work on many carriers.

For start-up rate problems, make sure to inspect the option in innovative settings for ‘run as background service’.

If you’re having issues receiving notices, you might should uninstall Third celebration messengers such as Go SMS.

When utilizing this app, don’t turn off the stock messaging app as I utilize it to permanently save messages to the phone. You can nevertheless, disable alerts for it so that you do not receive 2 of them.

Please bear in mind the app is still in beta and advancing every day. Let me know if something is missing or not working how you feel it should and I’ll do my best to remedy it!

– Jeremy Feinstein for his SlidingMenu on GitHub
– Google for their stock messaging app off of which this app is aesthetically based
– Alexey Slavutsky for Russian translation
– Felix Hopfer for German translation
– Mahyeddin Rahmane for French translation
– Antonio Porcelli and Enrico Speranza for Italian translation
– Tobias Prahl for Swedish translation
– Alireza Afkar for Persian translation
– Kamil Wojtczyk for Polish translation
– Cyanogenmod for emoji icons
– AleDB for the icon

Meanwhile, you can also discover numerous brand-new functions in Moving Messaging Pro 5.60, here are:
– Option to auto download MMS
– Reworkd MMS alert system
– Reworked card design dark theme
– Choice to open card layout to first page
– Option to draw just ‘basic’ cards (without drop shadows) to screen – may help enhance performance
– Bug fixes

Sliding Messaging ProSliding Messaging Pro

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