‘It recognizes however oddly really various’ reviews the headlines on one of the leading tech blogs after Nokia revealed exactly what was the worst concealed possibly in the current tech history. Yes, Nokia finally revealed 3 gadgets all of which run a forked or custom-made Android on it. While the world had expected just one Android gadget, dare we share Nokia tripled the delight of it’s fans by announcing three phones in the Nokia X family which run AOSP.

Nokia X

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The gadgets will concentrate on the emerging markets which mirrors in it’s specs. The Nokia X will go on sale instantly, while the Nokia X+ and Nokia XL will be readily available in Q2. The Nokia X phones are in a means a hybrid of Asha, Lumia and Symbian gadgets. Stephen Elop likewise categorically pointed out that these gadgets will always be priced one classification lower than the Lumia gadgets. Unlike other Android phone, the Nokia X series doesn’t featured Google Play Establishment though it runs Android apps. There are various other shops such as exclusive Nokia Establishment, Yandex or even Amazon appstore for you to select your preferred Android apps from.

The Nokia X will retail for 89 Euros, the Nokia X+ will cost you 99 Euros while the Nokia XL will attack your wallet by 109 Euros

Nokia X1

The very first phone in the family is the Nokia X which has a 4 inch display with WVGA resolution. It runs a heavily customised Android variation 4.1. There’s 512 MB RAM on board and 4 GB ROM however, expansion through Micro SD is possible. The device has actually a repaired focus 3 MP rear video camera and no front dealing with electronic camera. The phone will come with services such as OneDrive, Skype etc in built and also brings Quickly lane, a fast method to view your notices and apps from the Asha gadget.

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The other two phones announced were the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL which are essentially little upgrades on the Nokia X. The Nokia X+ is the same gadget as the Nokia X however with 768 MB RAM and comes with a bundled 4 GB Micro SD card. The Nokia XL on the various other hand is a slightly larger gadget with a 5 inch display and a 5 MP rear electronic camera and a front dealing with video camera too. The device is powered by a 2000 mAh battery. The UI of the phone, a minimum of on videos looked quite slick and heavily inspired from the Lumia line. You’ve similar tile like experience and there’s no particular app drawer.

All the 3 gadgets are dual SIM supported and have 3G connection while utilizing Micro SIMs.