Android 101: How to change your wallpaper

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Welcome to the most recent Android 101 in our collection of easy-to-follow tutorials which are ideal for brand-new Android individuals. In this article, we’re visiting look at how to change your wallpaper.

An Android phone offers a wealth of customisation choices unparalleled by other mobile os. Possibly the simplest and even more primary of which is your wallpaper, that is, the background behind your icons, widgets and shortcuts.

Initially, you begin with your fundamental homescreen, like this:

Basic Android homescreen

From today, press and hold down on a a clear area (in other words, not a widget or an icon). When you do this, a menu will come up that looks something like this:

Wallpaper menu

Now you’ve to choose where you get your wallpaper from. For simplicity sake, we will go with ‘Wallpaper’ initially, which will then display the native Android wallpapers that are already on your device. In the latest variation of Android 4.2, that’ll appear like the image below, however depending upon your device, there are lots of variations:

Wallpaper list, scroll horizontally to find one you like

On this display you can scroll horizontally to discover the wallpaper you like, touch ‘Set wallpaper’ and you’ll be taken back to your homescreen which will now show your brand-new wallpaper.

If we back up a little the initial menu we saw, you’ll discover there’s an option for ‘Live Wallpaper’. This offers you animated and sometimes interactive backgrounds which are likewise optional. When you pick Live Wallpaper, you get a menu like this:

Live wallpaper menu

This menu screens all the live wallpaper on your gadget, whether that be one of the native Android ones or those which you’ve actually downloaded. Selecting a live wallpaper brings up a preview, much like this:

live preview

Simple wallpapers will just have a ‘Set wallpaper’ button at the bottom, whereas customisable live wallpapers will have an additional setups menu to play with. This is generally quite easy but it’ll assist you personalise your wallpaper more.

Another choice you’ve from the wallpaper menu is to take a wallpaper from your gallery, this will consist of any images you may have minimized your device or maybe have actually taken yourself. When you pick this choice, the device should make certain the image you’ve actually selected will fit your screen properly. To do this, you might need to crop the image. If that’s the case, you’ll get a screen like the one below:


All you need to do in this case is expand the size of the central rectangle using the blue circles on each side. As soon as you are pleased with your image, select the small ‘OK’ button located in the top right-hand man edge and your wallpaper will alter your cropped image.

Changing wallpapers is a fantastic means of altering the appearance of your gadget and there are thousands and thousands of selections out there. Committed apps such as Wallbase and Zedge, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Shop for free, give you lots of wallpaper options.

One word of care, nevertheless, with wallpapers is how they’ve an effect on battery life. If you ever before wish to check out the things that drain your battery, your screen will normally be the most substantial. Today’s mine today:

Screen drain

As you can see, the display utilizes the most battery. If then, for instance, you pick a wallpaper that pumps out a lot of bright colors, the battery will perhaps drain faster than a wallpaper which is darker therefore gives off less light. The exact same puts on live wallpapers which, due to the fact that they’re ‘energetic’ whenever you’re using your gadget, will possibly drain battery life quicker than a fixed image.

However, different devices will respond in various means, so definitely experiment with these settings and find a compromise in between exactly what you really like and what your everyday battery needs are. That stated, if you are sat at a desk all day with access to a charger, do not hesitate to make use of whatever wallpaper you such as!

I hope you’ve find this helpful. Below at AndroidTapp we sometimes evaluate live wallpapers. Do not hesitate to check a few of them out:

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As typical don’t hesitate to leave comments below whether that be a future tutorial request or perhaps even your favored wallpaper, it’s terrific to learn through you.