Google is expected to reveal the next variation of Android, called the Android N at the upcoming Google I/O. The Google I/O has been scheduled for 18th May though the registrations will not start in the past 8th of March. Android N will perhaps also had the next variation of Android Use and also these would quickly make the headings at the significant occasion in the following quarter.

And since we are not all that far from the launch day, there have actually been a reasonable few leakages walking around of Android N and even just what we could anticipate. Android Cops has actually thought of a bunch of renders based after the leaked screenshots and even we are tempted to believe that this would indeed be the real deal.

No App Drawer

Mobile Phone

There have actually been reports opting for a while since Android N will ultimately ditch the app cabinet and even go the course of iOS where all the apps will generally survive on your desktop computer. This is the approach that a number of Chinese brands like Lenovo, Gionee and also Xiaomi have taken and resembles Google will certainly too. if you desire the application cabinet, you will clearly always have the ability to mount a 3rd party launcher.

Hamburger Menu in Settings

Mobile device

So much, if you are in one module of Settings in your Android phone and even intend to return to the various other module, the only means to tackle is to click the back button a number of times. This is a waste of energy. As a result, Google has applied a Hamburger Food selection in the Setups app, making use of which you will certainly have the ability to straight hop the components. For instance, you can be inside the battery module examining the battery on your phone, but by touching on the Burger Menu, you could directly go to the Wi-Fi settings, saving you a lots of clicks.

Cleaner Settings


Based on the dripped screenshots, Google has actually made a decision to do far from the splitting lines in between the specific Settings. Now, a divider will only exist in between a brand-new Module, such as Wireless and even Networks, Tool, Personal etc, providing everything a much more combined as well as filled look.

DND in Settings


If you remain in Setups, and even your phone is on DND, you wills ee the DND notice right on the top of Setups. You will certainly be able to switch off DND right away also, and also not essential that you need to make use of the Quantity Rocker to be able to do instantly.

While these are most likely to be a part of the upgrade rollout, we make sure there will certainly be much more features to come that would be appealing, such as the rumored from the box assistance for stress vulnerable displays. In either case, the only means to discover is to wait as well as see.

Images via: Android Police