Amazon starts a new chapter with Paperwhite, unveils an update due Sept. 30

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Amazon has outed an all-new Kindle Paperwhite, hours after a listing for the upgraded e-reader appeared prior to it was yanked.

Now, it looks like Amazon is putting its foot down on the brand-new and enhanced Paperwhite, leaving the $119 (with special deals) product’s order page up for all to gawk at. Without special deals (a.k.a. ads), the brand-new Paperwhite will retail for $139, though it looks to be U.S.-only in the meantime. The Paperwhite’s cost changes to about ₤ 76/AU$131 and ₤ 89/AU$153, respectively.

We are not reviewing an entirely made-over machine here, rather seeing some incremental renovations that should rate to readers.

New screen tech supposedly improves the screen’s contrast renders and offers better reflectivity, while a next-gen built-in light helps lead light closer to the screen, translating into less eyestrain.

There’s a 25 % faster processor, so you need to be able to breezily skim pages and search for tip-of-the-tongue definitions. A 19 % tighter touch grid supposedly assists the new Paperwhite reply to even the tiniest pricks with increased accuracy.

Paper me white

While the outdoors looks mostly the same and there’s not an extreme jump in internals, there are a couple of software application additions that ought to make the gadget a much better buy than before.

The brand-new Paperwhite (we are back to trying not to compose “Paperweight”) will eventually land with Goodreads integration, providing individuals a peak at exactly what 20 million-plus individuals are reading plus the capability to rate checks out.

Kindle FreeTime for Paperwhite is likewise on the way, tailored towards providing more youthful readers some age-appropriate rewards to hitting guides.

The brand-new Paperwhite will likewise include Smart Lookup, Lexicon Home builder and Kindle Page Flip features.