The popular strategy game Age of Empires: Castle Siege on Windows Phone today got a new upgraded as well as hit to version 1.10. The update bring some gameplay changes and improvements. Checkout the complete modification log below.

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What’s New in v1.10:

  • Relief Pressure Contributions tab enhanced Partnership Messaging
  • Henry V ability and also stats improved
  • Peace Treaties now also safeguard from revenge attacks
  • Rurik has established Sword Mastery which sends off any wall army in a solitary blow
  • The duration of the Terrorize capacity has increased
  • Winrich will certainly deal incentive damage versus Grenadiers
  • Defensive Grenadiers rate has been lowered and also they no more deal bonus damage versus Teutonic Knights
  • Engineers are now simpler to select
  • Laddermen will review walls faster and also take less harm while doing so
  • Laddermen will send off ranged wall units in a single blow
  • Crossbowmen as well as propels now deal reward harm against Grenadiers
  • Defensive devices will certainly abuse violations and also entrances much more often
  • Muted partnership participants will stay muted up until the next launch of the app
  • Rurik now prioritize towers over non-threatening structures
  • Guard Residence soldiers that have actually been Converted by Joan no more avoid further army deployment