Firefox might be delaying compared with Chrome in regards to “web apps”, however the previous holds its own when it comes to some exceptionally nifty addons. Want to play a song within your browser when you’re working without needing to browse anywhere else? Well, we’ve got the add-on that’ll simply do the job for you.

FireTube for Firefox let us you play any tune you want (literally) just by searching the name of the tune in the add-on bar. As you might’ve guessed, FireTube brings the asked for song from YouTube. It plays the leading most song on the YouTube query as well as occupies your playlist with other matches.

[Add-On] FireTube is An Excellent YouTube Music Player for Firefox

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Download: FireTube for Firefox

Features and Interface

The add-on has some really nice functions to chat home about. To begin with, you can just browse a tune and it’ll start betting you without needing to do other action. Second of all, you get a basic playlist where you can add extra tracks. Routine music controls like Play / Pause, Rewind and Forward exist also. You can even download the track in MP3 format merely by clicking the download button.

The addon will absolutely receive flak for being rather tiny and cumbersome in terms of design. Nevertheless, when your concept is to be able to play music within the browser without having to leave the page, the addon works out quite well.


Using this addon to play songs is as basic as it gets. Just click on the search button and type the name of the song you want to play.

To make use of the addon, see to it your addon-bar is shown. You can switch on the add-on bar in Firefox by pushing Ctrl + /

Keep in mind that not only the presently playing tune, however likewise other leading favorites for the track title are queued in the playlist too. So you may wish to remove those entries while playing the songs.

[Add-On] FireTube is An Excellent YouTube Music Player for Firefox

If you want to include tunes to your existing playlist, just go to the Add Songs tab and search for your preferred tune. Simply drag the wanted cause your playlist by clicking and dragging the result’s step icon to the delegated the initial playlist and place it where wanted.

[Add-On] FireTube is An Excellent YouTube Music Player for Firefox

To download a track, simply play the song and while playing click on the download button. To view the track on YouTube, click on the title of the song being shown. You can likewise adjust the volume by clicking the time bar.

You can add keyboard shortcuts to add the addon to manage playback in the settings tab.

[Add-On] FireTube is An Excellent YouTube Music Player for Firefox

Quirks and Workarounds for Typical Issues

There are times where there’s a slight hold-up in playing songs and occasionally the tune didn’t dip into all. Nonetheless, these events were pretty unusual in our usage and the addon works rather well for everyday scenario.

If there’s no sound playing, see to it you’ve updated your Firefox variation and have set up the most up to date flash player plugin for Firefox. Likewise guarantee that you’ve set Click to Play option to false in about:config. If you’re dealing with any concerns with the addon let’s know in the remarks area.