New in store, Active Fitness is a physical fitness and task tracking app unique to Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones, developed by Top Data Corp.. The app lets you track a range of physical activities (Like – running, walking, skateboarding, cycling, skiing, and more) and intends to motivate you to exercise even more by providing both social features and training plans.

App Description: 

‘Active Physical fitness is a fitness, health and tasks tracking app and social network of even more than 50,000+ individuals. Great for running, walking, cycling, hiking, mountain cycling, skiing, snowboarding, urban sports, such as skateboarding, scooter, watersports, kayaking, rafting and hundreds of other activities. Active Physical fitness inspires you by providing methods for sharing your activities with your friends and buddies. Energetic Fitness has leaderboards for any sports and tasks and includes professionally designed training strategies. Enjoy and stay in shape! Unique to Nokia, offered exclusively on Nokia Windows Phone.’

Nokia Lumia Fitness app

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  • Activity tracking, long battery life while tracking.
  • Share your runs and tasks with your buddies, family and friends!
  • Compete with your friends and individuals worldwide with leaderboards for every sport.
  • Works without connection and entirely offline. Take it to that trip with you!
  • Beautiful interface by the same group that designed Winter season Ski and Trip app,
  • Training strategies: remain organized and encouraged while Active Physical fitness instantly tracks your progress
  • Speech and voice support: keep monitoring of your runs while you run
  • NFC support, supports Tap-to-Friend, touch two Windows Phones to make pals with this app.

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