Minecraft has because it launch been in quite the development, specifically the COMPUTER version. It seems that the developers behind Minecraft, Mojang, may be revealing more love to the mobile users!

During Minecraft’s main fan meeting, Mojang exposed that the following upgrade, 0.16 for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, will include loads of brand-new, enjoyable enhancements. In addition to the 5 brand-new main features, the update will certainly additionally consist of numerous fixes and tweaks yet below are the factors:

1. Add-ons:

The video game will certainly currently apply add-ons, in the exact same attribute as the Minecraft variation for COMPUTER has mods. This means that followers as well as neighborhoods might currently bring their very own updates and also attachments for Pocket Edition!

2. Ocean Monuments:

Mobile device

Minecraft hasn’t already really dwelled down right into the deep sea previously: introducing Ocean Monuments. Exactly what do you assume we could discover here?

3. Bosses:

According to Mojang, the Sea Monuments will certainly have Senior Guardians that will attack you to secure them. There is additionally the Wither, a villian you make yourself! Killing these, will provide you a Nether Star, which is exactly what you use making a beacon.

4. Beacons


By making these, you’ll obtain power such as dive boost, enhanced mining rate, damage resistance, enhanced strenght as well as activity or dive increase. So great deals of brand-new powers as well!

5. Slash commands

In the PC version of Mincraft, you can utilize/ slash commands to provide the game different commands. This has been long waited for in PE. It is pretty neat in my opinion, and also such a fantastic add-on to the Pocket Edition.

I’m truly pleased for all these brand-new add-ons, and I wish you are too! I cannot wait until the update arrives the Play Store. Yet till, remain woke on AndroidEntity!