So as the weekend is nearby, and for those who might wish to invest some cash on some mobile Android games or get some games for free of cost, we offer you 5 games that are worth to download and to experiment with. Keep reading fellow players.

Roll-a-word (Free)

If you’re good with words, and take pleasure in games like Scrabble, and Yahoo’s text twist, Roll-A-Word may be the game for you to experiment with. The objective of the game is to try and make as many words as you can with using 6 letters that are given to you with each round. This game provides a single player mode, and a terrific split display multiplayer mode. This game is cost-free to download however if you want the other puzzles, or wish to get rid of those annoying ads it’ll need you to hand over some cash. Have a look at the site for a complete testimonial, written by Abel.

roll a word

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Bus Simulator 3D (Free)

After reading the complete evaluation written by Ryan, I chose to download this game and try it out. Now I’m not a huge fan of any simulator, by Bus Simulator 3D is unwinding but fun game. It’s an easy version of Crazy Taxi. The objective is basic, you’re the motorist of a bus, and you should pick up and drop of travelers, without crashing into anything, or you lose XP. Obviously you’ll acquire XP for getting, and dropping off passengers. Are you prepared to try the driving experience of driving a bus? Download this game to your Android gadget.

 bus simulator 3D review

Monster Shooter 2 (Free)

Do you’ve a good time shooting waves of beasts that are originating from every angle? Do you enjoy experimenting with, and updating various weapons? Exactly what’re you awaiting? Download this game to your Android device today. Yes DumDum is back, and this time, he’s out to save humankind and conserve the Earth. With lots of things, and LOTS of firearms to unlock, this game is an enjoyable, and addicting experience.


Riptide GP 2 ($2.99)

Now after the news that was offered by Fahad Majidi about this game, it took me a while to see if Riptide GP 2 was truly worth the time and cash to play. I actually wished that I’d have picked it up sooner, due to the fact that this game will provide you the splish-splash trip of your life. This water-based racing game, provides you a powerful jet ski that you should navigate, and must pass other racers to the finish line. With a career mode, and different jet skis to purchase and upgrade, and not to mention fantastic looking graphics, this is a beautiful looking racer. And to address the question if it’s worth your time and money … it is!


Tiny Thief ($2.99)

Are you trying to find a game that’s adventure, stealth that’s a bit of amusing puzzles? Tiny Criminal does make a big impact, with the good use of incorporating the traditional point and click that provide this game simple to use controls. You play as a crook who acts like the average day Robin Hood “take from the rich and offers to the inadequate” type, and while you’re stealing you need to prevent the guards who’re constantly on patrol, there are ways to obtain rid of them, and can you learn how? With its cute animation and with it “Angry Birds” charm. This small thief will make his into your Android gadget and will steal your heart.


Well there you’ve it individuals, 5 games for you to experiment with and play over the weekend. For full composed testimonials of these games please examine the Android Entity internet site. And unique thanks to Abel, Fahad, and Ryan for updating us with the most current Android news and game evaluations. Everybody have a safe weekend, and Happy Games Players!