3D Pictures Live Wallpaper - customize your Android background with interactive 3D photo gallery

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3D Pictures Live Wallpaper is your personal photo gallery bouncing and turning on interactive 3D shapes on your homescreen.

Price: Free

Tested on: LG Optimus G
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Watch your photos bounce, turn and change in 3D area on your homescreen background!
  • Many settings to tweak!


  • Novelty live wallpaper app, mightn’t fit everyone’s taste.
  • Can’t set your very own picture as the background in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.
  • Photos don’t gradually change up, you get the exact same set of restricted phones.


3D Photo Live Wallpaper puts your images in 3D shapes that morph from cubes to spheres and back, then either drift them or bounce them off each various other on your homescreen. You can communicate with the shapes too. One tap in an open area on your screen scatters the photo forms. Two taps toggles the movement or freezes it. Three taps cycles with among 4 preset background images, clouds, beach, hillside or plain black background. When made it possible for in the settings menu, 4 taps take a screenshot of your homescreen and saves it to the ‘Downloads’ folder of your gadget (in my case it saved it to the root of the SD Card, so if you cannot discover it in Downloads, check there.) When you press and hold a shape for five seconds, it sets the active photo as the background. Nevertheless, I felt the squished and distorted image ought to have more visual polish and it looks rather bad. This function is the app’s technique of enabling you to technically use your own images in the background.

In the setups menu where you explore more modification, including:

  • Set number of shapes.
  • Select Gallery Directory site (this is an area in requirement of user experience polish, indicating you should’ve the ability to choose a gallery from a list instead of keying in something like this by hand ‘/ mnt/sdcard/Pictures’ non-tech folks won’t know that)
  • Set blurry background image (here is where the app falls short as it misses a chance to allow you to genuinely set your own background picture and still have the floating shapes atop it.)
  • Set whether the shapes collide or not.
  • Set picture size and speed.
  • Set borders and border colors.
  • If your battery drains or you discover the animations stutter you can toggle the frames per second under Power Usage.
  • Enable screen capture feature.


Live wallpapers are a selection of preference, some enjoy them as they add a whole new measurement of interactive personalization to a gadget, some don’t have a desire for them.

Ease of Use:

3D Photo Live Wallpaper isn’t difficult to set up, you just have to remember exactly what the tap motions entail. Diving into the Settings menu reveals all the goodies of the live wallpaper. Below’s how you can get there …

Android Guidance ™ & Help: Setting Live Wallpapers:

  • Long-press (hold for 2 or more seconds) anywhere on an empty area on the homescreen.
  • Choose “Live Wallpaper”.
  • Choose the wallpaper of option.
  • (If appropriate) configure the wallpaper setups and sneak peek your results.
  • Tap “Set Wallpaper”.

Frequently Used:

If you set up and set this app, you’ll stare at it every time you unlock your gadget.


Your images in floating morphing 3D shapes as your interactive background make up the interface. They reveal small previews in which you can interact with based on how many times you tap a complimentary location of the screen.