Wherever you go in the world, there’s one extremely variable continuous– the weather. Offered the considerable impact that it can have on our everyday lives, it’s barely unusual that most of us like to keep abreast of the current projection.

We’re app lovers here at AppStorm, however, so any old weather condition app simply will not do. Our kind needs both forecasting accuracy and design visual appeals of the greatest requirement. With this in mind, I’ve actually assembled this roundup of lovely weather condition apps– so even if the weather condition is miserable, you’ll have something good to look at …


Climatip is about as minimal as a weather app can get. Temperature is shown by a colour-coding system– blue cold through to red hot– and overhead conditions are shown by among Climatip’s very little, ‘flat’ weather condition icons. Climatip likewise offers textual insight– sensible outfit, precautions, warnings, and so on– but this never totals up to even more than 2 lines, which is in keeping with the stripped-back feel.

Some people will find Climatip a little too minimalist, however it works well as a visually pleasing glance-able forecast.

10 Beautiful Weather Apps

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Climatip is the supreme in forecasting minimalism

BBC Weather

In the UK, at least, the BBC has long been thought about as the most credible source of weather-related information, in part due to the corporation’s direct link with the UK Met Workplace, so it’s little wonder that they now have their own just recently released weather condition app.

In front of pleasant weather-related backgrounds, which prompt at the present weather in your location, BBC Weather condition packs in plenty of icon-based info, from pollen count to UV index, in addition to wind instructions and rate, temperature, and sunup and sundown times. Swipe sideways, and you expose in-depth hour-by-hour predictions, or you can take a longer view with a complete five-day projection. BBC Weather condition certainly deserves praise for the stylish means in which it shows copious weather information.

10 Beautiful Weather Apps

BBC Weather condition offers statistics and style in equal measure.


It may not have actually been the first weather app to decrease the design path of extremely visual forecasts, however swackett has definitely turned heads on iOS, with its concentrate on unusual, human-relatable weather recommendations, in choice to producing numbers.

By default, the present outside climate is illustrated by the outfit sense of a number of on-screen avatars, although standard temperature and weather condition information is also displayed in a more typical way. More remarkable, nevertheless, are the comprehensive features of Swackett.

Forecasts are offered in both hour-by-hour and five-day versions, and whilst swackett’s visual summary is simplified, a great deal of info can be accessed by tapping on an hour or a day. swackett likewise provides satellite imagery (something the BBC’s app does not), and most importantly, you can inform swackett exactly what you’d like to be regarded as cold, cool, warm, etc.

10 Beautiful Weather Apps

swackett is known for its wacky method, however it does have excellent satellite mapping, too.

Arcus Weather

Arcus Weather’s style is simple, smooth and monochromatic. Temperature and rain are the primary locations of focus in Arcus Weather condition, and the combination of simple icons and clear, text-based info produces both an extremely practical, and aesthetically appealing design.

Arcus Weather condition breaks the projection into present conditions, the next hour, the next 48 hours, and the next week. Various other noteworthy features consist of temperature charts, and helpful weather condition alerts, which seem to be an enhancement over Google Now’s cards.

10 Beautiful Weather Apps

The design of Arcus Weather condition is underrated and uncluttered.

Optimistic Weather

Sometimes, I need to admit, the projection for the UK Weather creates depressing reading. It’s for these extremely minutes that Optimistic Weather condition was made. This app provides a summary of today’s conditions, followed by an ambitious projection for tomorrow’s weather. For example– while every various other weather forecast was informing me to anticipate cloud and a top temperature of 18ºC (64ºF) the following day, Optimistic Weather condition anticipated 38ºC (100ºF), with the summary: ‘Dang! It’s going to be like the Gobi Desert.’

The spirited nature of this app is further increased by the captivating, on-screen animated characters, such as a cloud with an expression of displeasure (generally the present conditions) or a delighted sun, which constantly stands for tomorrow’s projection. Sure, this app is not really a major way of getting detailed weather info, however it shows present conditions properly, offers a state of mind lift, and does both making use of fantastic graphics.

10 Beautiful Weather Apps

Optimistic Weather condition’s projections are … erm … optimistic, to say the very least.


WeatherBug has been around for some time, and remains an office favorite among those desiring mobile weather updates. The app has comparable dynamic backgrounds to those discovered in BBC Weather, and it displays a similarly large volume of information. WeatherBug’s design is a bit less improved, though, and I likewise found it to suffer stagnation sometimes.

Where WeatherBug truly excels is with its radar choices, which range from worldwide cloud and storm satellite imagery, to rain and snow radar.

10 Beautiful Weather Apps

WeatherBug is among the geekier apps right here.

EZ Weather

Despite the somewhat downmarket name, EZ Weather is actually an app of high quality. It shows weather information with a light-on-dark color scheme, makings for glorious clearness. Current conditions use up most of the display, and extra details can be toggled with one tap.

EZ Weather provides hour-by-hour and seven-day projections, which can be accessed via the side-scrolling slider at the bottom of the screen, and you can jump between each time range of projection with an additional toggle switch.

10 Beautiful Weather Apps

EZ Weather condition is, in my viewpoint, the very best looking app on program.


AccuWeather, the Android representation of this forecasting titan, is quite the very best choice for a weather condition geek.

During screening, it took an age, and a number of attempts, to get AccuWeather to acknowledge my place, once I got this tedium out of the way, the rich vault of up-to-the-minute weather condition understanding in this app was remarkable to see. Available are hour-by-hour forecasts, everyday forecasts up to 2 weeks in advance, rain radar, video projections, and news write-ups on significant weather condition occasions.

Of all the apps in this roundup, AccuWeather is, perhaps, the least quite. Although that’s not to state it’s ugly, the rainfall graphs are attractive, and the details offered by the app is dished out clearly and concisely.

10 Beautiful Weather Apps

AccuWeather provdes a magnificent quantity of information, whilst being rather pleasing on the eye.


In current times, many weather condition apps have actually decided to show present conditions with generic, weather-related backgrounds. Whilst Weatherwise makes use of backgrounds in this method, the dynamic images it employes can not be referred to as common. The default background, for instance, is a manga-style tree, situated either in front of a blue sky or in the rain, depending on the forecast. The entire scene likewise replies to the tilting of the phone, with the foreground foliage transferring to create a parallax result– overall, it’s a good experience.

Weatherwise is likewise quite completed when it pertains to forecast information. 24-hour and 5-day forecasts are readily available, with a couple of standard types of information, such as humidity and wind speed, included.

10 Beautiful Weather Apps

The dynamic backgrounds in Westherwise are one-of-a-kind and distinctive.


Yes, ‘Weather condition’ truly was the most imaginative name that the developer, MacroPinch, can consider. I am pleased, nevertheless, that they put many of their innovative efforts into the app.

Though simplistic, Weather’s design utilizes a pleasant sufficient faux wood background behind clear climatic information, and simple, however effective, weather icons. It’s a shame, offered the otherwise stylish design of Weather, that there’s no chance of getting rid of the advertisements, not even via a paid upgrade. The 24-hour and 5-day projections are also limited in regards to information– just the outlook, possibility of rain and temperature level are on offer– however as a quick, decent-looking means of previewing upcoming conditions, Weather condition performs well.

10 Beautiful Weather Apps

Weather is minimal, but classy, and provides a practical amount of data.

Choice of Weather

As you can see from this list, there are a lot of weather condition apps of a high visual standard in the Play Shop. Some of these offerings, such as Climatip and swackett aren’t precisely full-bodied weather condition apps, however for those who just desire an at-a-glance summary of outside conditions, they offer a trendy on-screen environment. On the other hand, apps like BBC Weather and Arcus Weather condition show that meteorological depth need not come at the cost of charm.

Do you’ve a favorite weather app which exhibits both style and compound? Share it in the comments below.